Highlighting Our Sponsors & Partners:

The importance and invaluable role of our sponsors and partners cannot be under-estimated as not just additional resources but as trusted advisors and experts in driving our agenda, programs, and future direction. Thank you to our financial, content, media, and strategic partners for our 5th annual InvestH2O Forum.

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About InvestH2O



InvestH2O is the largest gathering and ongoing forum for water and water technology in Texas and the Southwest US. Through an extensive Texas, national and global network of technology sources and investment resources, InvestH2O has connected the best ideas, minds, and solutions with market-driven end-users. Please find several reports, market intelligence briefings, and opportunities to connect with our $9 billion market of residential, commercial real-estate, industrial, and public water systems. InvestH2O is a program of AccelerateH2O, and works to identify bankable, investible products, services, and large-scale projects for near-term returns.

We are pleased to announce the formation of ResilientH2O Partners, our Resilience-As-A-Service Model and Regional Resilience Repository Program in partnership with federal, state and private sector interests.
More info: rseline@resilientH2Opartners.com
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