2016: Agenda

Agenda Thursday, June 16 2016

7:30- 8:30am Registration and Breakfast

8:30-9:00am Kickoff: The Texas Investment & Business Opportunity Landscape – Opening Remarks (Special Guest)

9:00-10:15am Where We’ve Been in A Year: Global and National Perspectives
                             Introduction and Remarks: Tom Halbouty, former CIO, Pioneer; AccelerateH2O Advisor
                                    • Paul Hasler, Global Water Intelligence - Global and National Market Update
                                    • Reese Tisdale, Bluefield Research - Startups: Incubation and Acceleration
                                    • Travis Hemphill, KPMG - Large-Scale Transactions: Public Finance, P3s, Project Investment

10:15-12:00pm General Session & Technology Introductions: Markets, Opportunities, Investment Scenarios I
                               Introduction and Remarks: Josh Adler, SourceWater
                                      • Morris Hoagland, Produced Water Society - Oil and Gas- Energy Sector
                                      • Akira Kagami, Hitachi Ltd. - Industrial Sector
                                      • Bruce Karas, VP, Coca Cola North America, Environment & Sustainability - Food & Beverage Sector
                                      • Todd Cranford, Regional Manager, Xylem – Public Utilities Sector

12:00-1:30pm Lunch: State of the State – Innovating Water in Texas
                             Introduction and Welcome: Piers Wells, DigitalH2O
                                      • Eric Bielke, GE Ventures
                                      • Stephen McNair, Pioneer Water
                                      • Robin Gilthorpe, WaterSmart

1:30-2:45pm General Session & Technology Introductions: Markets, Opportunities, Investment Scenarios II
                           • Trevor Hill, CEO, FATHOM - Smart-Data, Instrumentation, and the Internet of Things
                           • Ed Rightor, Dow Chemical, Director of Strategic Initiatives – Industrial Reuse, Zero Discharge, and the Circular Water Economy
                           • Kenneth Cook, WaterCentric - Buildings, Commercial Real Estate, & Residential
                           • Closing Remarks: David Maidment, University of Texas – Center for Research in Water Resources


2:45-3:00pm Michael Turillo, Chairman, InnoExchange - “Texas Water Innovation Clearinghouse and Collaboratory”

3:00-3:30pm Coffee Break Hosted by WaterCentric

3:30–4:45pm Roundtable on Innovating Utilities, Authorities and Public Sector Water Operations – Technology & Investment Perspectives
                           • Introduction: Craig Pederson, SVP EnviroWaterMinerals (EWM), former Exec. Administrator, TWDB
                           • Ed Archuleta, former CEO of El Paso Water Utility; Chairman, AccelerateH2O - Moderator
                           • Alan Heymann, Chief Marketing Officer, DC Water Authority
                           • John Miri, Chief Administrative Officer, Lower Colorado River Authority
                           • Ravi George, Regional Director, Isle Utilities

Deal Flow “Barriers and Limitations”: Streamlining Technology & Innovation in Texas
                          Introduction and Remarks: Mark Ellison, IDE Technologies; former Senior Advisor for Water, Governor Perry
                                 • the Honorable Jeff Moseley - Commissioner Texas Department of Transportation
                                 • the Honorable Dan Hunter - Deputy Commissioner, Texas Department of Agriculture
                                 • David Galindo, Division Director, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
                                 • Leslie Savage, Division Director Railroad Commission
                                 • Robert Mace, Deputy Executive Administrator, Texas Water Development Board
“Innovators Reception” Honoring Texas’ Leadership in Water Innovation
                           Welcoming Remarks: Trevor Hill, CEO, FATHOM (Reception Sponsor)
                           Youth and Student Water Innovators Program Introduction: Ryan Beltran, Founder, elequa
                                • Public-Private Partnerships - Ed Archuleta, former President, El Paso Water Utility
                                • Geospatial, Data Forecasting – David Maidment, UT Center for Research in Water Resources
                                • Legislative and Policy – John Montford, former Texas State Senator
                                • Advocate – Carole Baker, Texas Water Foundation

AGENDA: Friday, June 17 2016:


7:30-8:00am Registration and Breakfast

8:00-8:30am Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:30-9:45am Kickoff Keynote Panel: Project Finance and Transaction Alternative Funding
                         “Where Texas Can Lead the Nation” ($25-150 million and above project scenarios, P3s structures, new models)
                                 • Mary Scott Nabers, CEO, Strategic Partnerships, Inc. – Moderator;
                                 • Jeff Hughes- Environmental Finance Center –UNC/EPA;
                                 • Rodney Moss – AON Financial;
                                 • Paul Choules, Texas Desalination Association, CEO WaterCycle
                                 • Wrap-up Observations: Honorable Harvey Hildebrand, Executive Director, Texas Facilities Commission


9:45 - 11:00am Keynote Panel: Investors’ Insights – “Why We Invested, Where, and What’s Next”
                                 • Laura Capper- General Partner, CAP Resources, Moderator;
                                 • Alexander Rozenfeld - General Partner, Climate Impact Capital;
                                 • John Freisinger – President and CEO, Technology Ventures Corporation
                                 • Eric Hoek – Founder and CEO, WaterPlanet
                                 • Alex Robart – Managing Director, Unconventional Capital


Coffee Break Hosted by 1804 Operating Company & WaterFleet

11:00–12:30pm Small Group and One-on-One Deal Networking – Ballrooms A&B (pre-arranged, on-site
meet-ups, and project development) - AccelerateH2O’s Opportunity Triage Network & ATI Water
Roundtable on the Economics of Innovating Water in the Oil & Gas Sector
(invitation only session) Ballroom C


12:45-2:15pm Lunch & Keynote Panel: “Go Big or Go Home – Making Texas a Global Hub of Water Innovation”
                             • Hank Habicht - US Water Partnership, Managing Partner, (Moderator)
                             • Kyle Ballarta, Founder and Managing Director, Falkon Ventures
                             • Christine Martini, Investment Director for Water, Ultra Capital
                             • Chris Holmes, International Water Programs, US Agency for International Development (USAID)
                             • Special Remarks: Honorable Daniel Agranov, Deputy Consul General of Israel: “the Texas-Israel Water Technology                                                        Opportunity”

Roundtable on Innovative Water Demonstration Hubs: Unique Technology Proving-Sites,
Showcases, and Investment Opportunities

                               • Produced Water Eagle Ford/Permian Basin
                               • Smart Irrigation – Rio Grande Valley
                               • Data and Instrument Integration – Greater Austin
                               • Brackish Desalination – Greater El Paso
                               • Coastal Resilience - Greater Galveston
                               • Closing Observations: Carlos Rubinstein, former Chairman, Texas Water Development Board
WaterQuest (Competitions) & Special Purpose Funding Vehicle Announcements
                          • Richard Seline, Executive Director, AccelerateH2O


3:45 Adjourn Forum

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