Forum 2017 Presentations:

Here are this year's impressive and fact-filled presentations  and materials from our speakers, panelists, and special guests

General Session Presentation: InvestH2O Day One and Day Two

Overall InvestH2O 2017 Book: Agenda, Speakers Bio, Sponsors, and Related Materials

General Session Presentation (Day 1, Day 2)

General Session Overview Presentation (InvestH2O, AccelerateH2O)

Where We've Been in A Year: Global and National Update

A Year in Review: What Did We Learn, What Did We Expect, and What Happened in Water, Water Technology and Investment

The Horizon: Markets, Opportunities, Investment Scenarios

What IS The Horizon for Water, Water Technology Investments - the Markets, Emerging Opportunities, and Evolving Investment Scenarios

Reverse Pitch Session

Priorities for Products, Technologies and Integrated Solutions: Private Sector, Industry Consortia, Procurement Decision-Makers, and Public Water Systems

Lunch Keynote: Disruptive Technologies, Innovative Investment Strategies: Gamechangers, Breakthroughs

From Open Source Innovation Networks, Cutting Edge Technology CEOs, Federal Laboratory R&D - What Are the Sources of Gamechangers and Breakthroughs for Disruptive Technologies and Innovative Investment?

Launch Right, Launch Smart

Launching, Growing, Expanding Revenues - What Tools, Services, Support Exist for Tech Companies and Investors?

Tech Firm Pitches

Tech Pitch Session Presentations, Materials: Please Review "Tech Pitch" Drop-Down Menu

Innovators' Reception

Presentation of Innovators for 2016-2017

Alternative Capital, Partners, and Resources - Foundations, Impact Investors, Unique Funders

Beyond Family Offices, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Public Finance, and High Net Worth Individuals, What New or Untapped Resources for Growing Technology Companies and Large-Scale Project Development?

Large-Scale Projects and P3s

Financing for Large-Scale Project Development and P3 (Public-Private Partnership) Strategies Drives Increased Uptake of Technologies, Integrated Solutions

Global Reach: International Water Technology Investment Initiatives - Opportunities for Syndication, Partnership and Collaboration

Texas and the Southwest US have long-standing ties to global industries, sectors, and regional economic activities. What are programs, initiatives, and projects available for increased syndication, partnership, and collaborative investment?

Investors' Insights: Where We ARE and ARE NOT Investing in Disruptive Technologies

Perspectives on Venture Fund Managers, Procurement Decision-Makers, CEOs on Investment Targets of Opportunity and the Investment Process

Lunch Keynote (Day Two): Reuse, Sustainability, Resilience - Assuring Industries, Communities of Uninterruptable Water

What Are State Agencies, Industry Consortia, Associations, and Local Investments Doing to Generate Uninterruptable Water Supply?

Roundtables on Integrating Technology and Innovation

Roundtable Conversations Among Technology Firms, Investors, Public Water Systems, and Subject Matter Experts on Identifying Immediate Scenarios for Increased Investment through Integration Practices

Innovative Water Technology Demonstration Hubs

AccelerateH2O's Demonstration Hub Initiative: Announcements of New Hubs, Strategic Partners and Alliances, and Calls for Proposals

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