Market Intelligence and Actionable Investment

 AccelerateH2O is pleased to offer the opportunity to join with the best water experts in and beyond Texas to invest in a portfolio of vetted opportunities in the water technology market.

We provide:


  1. Review and Assessment of:

    • ​Technical capabilities and risks

    • Business plan due diligence

    • Management and leadership viability

    • State, national, and other applicable market demand

    • Growth and Exit strategy

    • Requests for Resources (partnerships, funding, licensing)

  2. Neutral third party assessment process includes:

    • ​Subject matter vetting by industry, engineering, academic and end user expertise.

    • Pilot and demonstration hubs meeting State rule and regulatory approval standards.

    • Commercialization investment syndication and/or co-investment strategies.

  3. Services and Support to Investor Forum Members

    • ​Upon completing the confidential Investor Profile, matching and alignment of targeted, vetted investment opportunities

    • Presentation via alerts, online webinars, and in-person meetings

    • Inclusion in Technology Showcase and Innovative Demonstration events

    • Customized market research, intelligence, and expert advise

    • Syndication, co-investment scenarios per requests, interests 


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